Robert Evans Speaking for Sony

 Robert Evans recently went to Atlanta Georgia where the Professional Photographers of America’s held their annual convention and trade show, Imaging USA  This was his second consecutive year attending. Last year in New Orleans, he conducted a platform class. This year was the second opportunity he had to speak on behalf of Sony. The first time he spoke for Sony was in New York, this past October, during Photo Plus.

Robert has been shooting Sony’s cameras for the last six months and he’s loving the results. He believe’s many photographers have a tendency to become creatures of habit, sticking to what they know and/or are comfortable with when it comes to their gear and style. Robert has learned when he gets comfortable with things, the universe has a way of kicking him in the backside and opening his eyes to new opportunities.

Robert says, “My path with Sony started simply because I listened.  I listened to the chatter and opened myself to the possibility there might be a better camera out there then the one I had been using for the past twenty years. Yes, I was comfortable and happy with my cameras, but I have learned in life that you have to have a seeking mind if you want to grow. I am the one who determines my destiny and carves new potential within my talent. I was hearing great things about Sony from friends and colleagues who I respect and frankly was surprised they were shooting Sony themselves. That alone spoke volumes to me.

I began to ask questions and gather information; now intrigued by my findings I had to shoot Sony and see for myself. This first experience with Sony was all it took. I can’t put this camera down. I absolutely love the function and the quality of images.  I recently did a blog post showing some of the images I have shot in the past few months with the a77 and the new a99  (Click here to see his Sony blog post and images.)

            It’s been a privilege and an honor to be asked to speak on Sony’s behalf at the last two trade shows. I am excited to share my personal experiences with other photographers and share my knowledge from twenty-five years as a professional photographer. The two subjects I shared in the booth are two things I believe are important and will benefit photographers today. The first talk, “Make time to Play on the Wedding Day” is where I teach photographers how to shoot what they want on the wedding day as opposed to shooting what they get. I instruct how to shoot for themselves, creating images that excite them as well as pleasing their clients. I explain how to get three hours with the bride and groom and their families prior to ceremony completing the photographs allowing the bride and groom to kiss, say “I do” and head in to an evening of celebration. Enjoying their guests is their ultimate goal while utilizing the best light is mine.

My second talk, “Finding Your Own Vision”, is directed at helping photographers find their true voice and shoot from the heart. I believe the majority of wedding photography today looks similar and photographers are not photographing from their heart. There are two things that make every photograph unique. The first is their eye and how they see things through the camera. The eye is as unique as a fingerprint. No two are the same. The second is their personality and how they engage the world around them. The heart ties both of these unique traits together making each photographers work one-of-a-kind. My goal is to help the photographer identify what their vision is and how to express that vision. The photography industry was very different when I was starting out. I had to learn by trial and error.  I have a passion to help other photographers learn from my experience and past mistakes so I dedicate some of my time offering one-on-one mentoring sessions via Skype or in person for photographers looking to grow and change the way they look through the lens.”

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