BRAVO’s The Wedding Party with Kristin Banta


kristin banta and the wedding party on bravo

Bravo will be airing an encore of Kristin Banta’s show and it has a new name: The Wedding Party.

May 14th 11:00 pm PST

the wedding party with kristin banta on bravo


Set those DVRS for Monday, May 14th at 11:00pm ET/PT! The Wedding Party follows larger than life wedding planner, Kristin Banta, whose out-of-the-box style is revolutionizing the way couples look at their special day. This is very exciting and we’ll definitely all be watching!

The #hashtag for the show on Twitter: #TheWeddingParty. Be sure to Tweet about the show and let Kristin (@KristinBanta) know what you think!  You can also  tweet @BravoTV, @BravoAndy and @BravoPR.

Wanna sneak peek?  Check it out here.

kristin banta










Contact Kristin Banta:

p: (818) 505-8971
w: Kristin Banta Events Website

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8 Responses to BRAVO’s The Wedding Party with Kristin Banta

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  • Jenny

    I hadnt heard of this show or ever saw the trailer for it but I saw the episode played this past Sunday (06/17) and LOVED the show!!!! My only complaint is that I don’t see it listed to be watched again soon. This show needs more hype because it definitely has the potential to become a big hit!

  • Geri

    I just saw the show and was impressed with the artwork / installation for the wedding – it was unusal.Good idea using 4000 cranes. I was not impressed with Ms. Bantas course language. It was unnecessary and does not make her look intelligent, or in control. I will not be watching again.

    • Teresa

      I love this show kirstin is the absolute BEST !!!

      • Teresa

        You rock !!

  • jennifer davies

    I totally agree…. this is the best wedding show on based on the one episode I have seen on 6/17. Please please air this show and let us know when and where I can watch.

  • Kimberly Dix

    I saw this show yesterday 8/3 and loved it! I made my husband watch it with me and he even enjoyed it. He said “it wasn’t like I thought it was going to be, it was pretty interesting” we both loved Kristin, she was just the right amount of feisty and she seems so fun! I would watch this show like crazy! More please!

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